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Authentication and certification

Osmium is crystallised exclusively in Switzerland. All first deliveries go to Germany, where the Osmium-Institute Germany authenticates every single piece of osmium with a certificate. Subsequently, the osmium is exported from Germany worldwide, including to Australia.


How authentication works

Authentication is critical to ensure secure and transparent transactions of crystalline osmium. The Osmium-Institute Germany is the only authority worldwide that is entitled to authenticate osmium and issue certificates.

Involving different people during the crystallisation and authentication process constitutes a key element of quality assurance and control. Whenever the Osmium-Institute Germany receives a newly crystallised osmium piece from Switzerland, the following authentication steps are carried out: 

  • Allocate a unique identifier, the Osmium Identification Code (OIC)

  • Confirm chemical purity (Os 99.9995% or higher) and determine present impurities, e.g. platinum

  • Measure basic geometry

  • Weigh (four significant digits)

  • Take high-resolution photographs (plan views, elevation views)

  • Describe the piece and its characteristics in text form

  • Add any specific information as requested by the customer (for specific pieces only)

  • Record the price (will be updated on a daily basis)

  • Issue an individual certificate containing the above information

The Osmium-Institute Germany issues certificates free of charge for every newly crystallised osmium piece. If you wish to have your personal information (full name, country of residence, address, phone number) added to your existing certificate, a service fee of $99 applies. There are two benefits of having your personal information on a certificate. First, a certificate bearing your personal information adds an extra layer of security. Second, if you are thinking of re-selling at some stage, it is easier for us or for the Osmium-Institute Germany to be in touch with you in the future.

Every certificate is issued online. To obtain your certificate, all you need to do is to submit the unique Osmium Identification Code using the form above. 



More facts about authenticity

The authenticity of crystalline osmium is predominantly determined by chemical purity, i.e. having a fineness of at least 99.9995% crystalline osmium. Platinum is the most prominent impurity. This is not surprising because platinum and osmium are usually mined together.

Apart from chemical purity, which is confirmed in every certificate, crystalline osmium has additional, unique characteristics.

The surface crystal structure of every individual osmium piece is unambiguous, like a fingerprint. For this reason, high resolution photographic documentation is a critical part of the authentication process.

Since osmium is the element with one of the highest densities (22.61 g/cm3) ever, counterfeit products can be identified by means of density measurement.

And finally, crystalline osmium has a bluish-silvery lustre like no other precious metal. 


Buying osmium from private sellers

If you consider buying osmium from private sellers, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Always request the certificate that is associated with a specific osmium piece.
  • Validate the certificate by submitting the unique Osmium Identification Code on it by using the form above and carefully comparing the information. If you wish to have your own personal information on the certificate, contact us for issuing a new certificate.
  • In addition, you may want to take a photograph of the osmium piece and send it to us for comparison against the photographs that have been taken when issuing the initial certificate. Remember, the surface crystal structure of crystalline osmium is unambiguous, like a fingerprint.
  • If you are offered more than 100 g of crystalline osmium, chances are high that you are dealing with fraudsters. Please contact your local police or us.
  • If prices that you are offered substantially differ from prices at www.osmium-preis.com or our online shop, please contact us. If you search online for buying osmium, chances are high you will end up with the non-crystalline form, which is hazardous. There have also been reported cases where relatively inexpensive iridium has been sold instead of crystalline osmium.
  • If you are unsure about any offers you receive, contact us.

Buy osmium from registered partners or Certified Partners

Whenever you buy osmium from us or from one of our partners and no stock is available in Australia, crystalline osmium will be directly shipped to Australia by the Osmium-Institute Germany. We will liaise with customs in relation to clearing osmium after import to Australia and provide the required documentation.

Once the goods have been cleared, delivery will be arranged. With the delivery, you will also receive the certificate issued by the Osmium-Institute Germany. You can validate the certificate by submitting the unique Osmium Identification Code on it by using the form above.

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Authentication and certification